Lorex LWB6801-W Wireless Receiver Replacement for LWB6800, LWB5800, LWB4900, LWB4800 Wire-Free Cameras (USED)

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Slightly used an Open-box item. Customer remorse returns. All accessories required to run the item are included. Remote may be missing. Fully functional and tested. Have scratch and other signs of usage. Foams and protective plastics maybe missing. The original package is missing and will come in a brown box. 90 days limited warranty and 30 days return.

Product description

LWB6801-W is a device that receives radio frequency signals sent by a transmitter. For example, the receiver for a wireless camera receives video image signals from the camera and outputs them to a built-in or external display.


Long distance wireless range

Weatherproof receiver

Lorex Wireless Receiver Replacement LWB6801-W for LWB6800, LWB5800, LWB4900, LWB4800 wire-free cameras

Includes wireless receiver and two antennas

Only works with LHB926 Series HD Security DVR for Wire-Free Cameras

2K (4 megapixel) network security monitoring

Long distance wireless range

The wireless range for a Lorex wire-free camera is typically around 450ft with a clear line-of-site. This signal strength allows you to place your wire-free security camera in the location you need it most, including detached buildings, barns, or along your distant property line.* This camera also uses adaptive DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology to reduce signal interference, minimize conflicts with other competing wireless signals, and prevent eavesdropping.


*Please note that concrete, trees, or other large objects will greatly reduce the strength of your signal. This may result in lower resolution recordings and dropped frames.

weatherproof wireless receiver

Weatherproof receiver

The included wireless receiver is fully weatherproof. This means that you can run the USB cable from your DVR to install it on the side of your house for even better outdoor wireless reception.

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