Lorex LWB4850 1080p HD Wire-Free Security Camera with 2-cell Power Pack, 65ft Night Vision, Thermo-Sense Motion Detection, Audio, Works with Lorex LHWF1000, LHB926, and LHB927 (USED)

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Slightly used an open-box item. Customer remorse returns. Only camera, mounting kit, and battery (have a sign of usage) are included. Fully functional and tested. Have scratch and other signs of usage. Foams and protective plastics maybe missing. The original package is missing and will come in a brown box. 90 days limited warranty and 30 days return.

1080p HD Wire-Free Security Camera with 2-cell Power Pack


See and hear it all by adding to your Lorex Wire-Free Security Camera System. This wire-free camera eliminates all the headaches associated with setting up a sophisticated security system. This camera is completely cable-free and worry-free! It connects wirelessly to a compatible recorder and has a built-in rechargeable (and removable) battery. The camera can record 1080p HD resolution, has a 65ft / 20m night vision capability, advanced motion-detection, and an IP66 weather resistant housing. This camera comes with a powerful 2-Cell battery Power Pack and is compatible with Lorex ACSOL1B Solar Panel.

Easy installation This security camera is designed and engineered for quick and easy installation. It uses no cables at all - giving you more power, flexibility, and freedom in its installation. All you have to do is find the right spot, mount the unit, connect it to the recorder, and you're done. For optimal performance, it is recommended that you place the camera at least 6ft (2m) above the ground and no more than 20ft (6m) away from the area you wish to monitor.  

Thermo-Sense Motion Detection This wire-free security camera is built to wake up the moment it senses motion. With a built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor right below the lens, this intelligent camera will spring into action when motion is detected and will start recording. This PIR sensor will only capture movements from heat-emitting objects, like you and me, a passing car, or your pet. It does not record motion from unwanted objects, like blowing leaves.

Crisp 1080p HD quality recordings A 2MP (megapixel) image sensor at the core of this wire-free security camera can capture vivid 1080p full HD video. This high resolution will help you capture important details should an event ever occur on your property. Additionally, this security camera has a wide 140° angle field of view that is ideal for doorways, open areas, or many other residential or urban monitoring applications.

Long lasting lithium-ion battery This camera relies on a long-lasting lithium-ion battery for power. In fact, this is the same kind of battery used to power today's electric cars, laptop computers, and other battery-operated gadgetries. To make sure you don't forget to charge the battery, we will alert you through the Lorex Cirrus app when the battery is low. Charging or replacing the battery is easy, as well. Simply remove the battery from the camera (the camera can stay where it's mounted), recharge it, and put it back again.*   *If you put the wire-free camera in a busy area, the camera will turn on and off more often and will decrease the longevity of the battery.

Compatible with Solar Panel Your wire-free security cameras can be used with our solar panel to power your camera and prolong the battery life. Fully weatherproof, the camera can be installed in the included panel mount using the existing camera screw holes or alongside on a completely separate location. Wherever you decide to place the solar panel, it's important to choose a location with plenty of direct sunlight and not in a covered or shaded area.

Infrared night vision Securing your loved ones and property is a 24-hour operation. With this Lorex wire-free security camera, you have a set of eyes at the ready all night long. With its infrared night vision capabilities, this camera can see through the darkness of night. It has 6 powerful infrared LED's around its lens and can capture high-quality video at night up to 65ft away. This camera also features an automatic infrared cut filter that will automatically disengage at night. This ensures accurate color representation during the day and high-quality black and white infrared video through the night.

2-Way Talk Another important feature of this wire-free camera is that it can capture sound and give you the ability to talk through the camera. This wire-free camera comes with a built-in microphone and a speaker, so you can hear things and talk through them using the app.* This unique feature will provide you with additional evidence (such as voices) when the need arises.   *Please note that audio recording without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Lorex assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws.

Hybrid Wireless / Wired Capability This wire-free camera is completely cable free. In short, it's motion-triggered (that is, it only wakes up when motion is detected and goes back to stand-by mode when there is no motion) to save and lengthen its battery life. But if you desire so, this camera can also be converted into a 24/7 wireless camera if you are using a recorder featuring a built-in hard drive and by plugging it directly into a power source using an accessory power pack charger.

Safe for outdoor installations This wire-free security camera is tested for outdoor use. It won't freeze in subzero temperatures and will not die in hot temperatures. The camera can operate in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) and as high as 122°F (50°C). With an IP66 rating, this camera is fully weatherproof and can withstand rain, snow, and dust.


Wire-Free 1080p HD Video Security Camera features:

  • Full 1080p HD wire-free video resolution
  • Up to 450ft wireless signal range provides many placement options 1
  • Receive low battery notifications through the Lorex Cirrus app (on compatible DVR) 2
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces conflicts with competing signals
  • Don't pay a professional. Cameras are easy to install by yourself
  • Night vision up to 65ft (20m) 2
  • Weather-resistant (IP66) battery-operated cameras go almost anywhere, indoor or out 4
  • Built-in PIR camera motion sensor alerts you on the Lorex Cirrus app when activity is detected (on compatible DVR).
  • Compatible with Solar Panel for Wire-Free Cameras
  • Comes with a 2-Cell Power Pack 

More Information
Manufacturer IdLWB4850
Smart SystemNo
Includes Bullet CameraNo
Warranty90 day
Free ShippingYes
Free ReturnYes
Camera Packs1 Pack
Video CompressionHEVC (H.264)
Video StreamWireless
Motion DetectionYes
Power StreamHybrid (Wired or Battery)
Requires RecorderNo
Power Consumption (Max)2A
Heat Rating122°F | 50°C
Cold Rating-4°F | -20°C
4 in 1No
Field of View (H)140°
IR Illumination Ambient Light65ft
Focal Length2.8mm
Operating Temperature-4° ~ 122°F / -20° ~ 50°C
Enhanced TechnologyPIR, VMD
View AngleVery Wide <140°
Audio2 Way Talk
Weather RatingIP66
Resolution1080p (HD)
Camera TypeBullet Camera
Standart Night VisionStandart <100ft